Who We Are?

M&E Academy of Excellence is an inclusive and research-intensive Academy that inspires creativity through exceptional achievements in learning, discovery, and citizenship; whilst also improving the lives of its students and staff, advancing a more equitable and sustainable social order, and influencing the global higher education landscape.

Use our space to grow your career in Monitoring and Evaluation

We are pleased to be one of the world’s growing institutions, bringing outstanding brains from every possible background and subject together to cooperate on the world’s most important concerns.

Our community is a driving force for research, innovation, and advancement, producing information and solutions that make a real impact throughout the world. And we prepare our students for success by providing an exceptional global education based on excellence, inclusivity, and close-knit learning communities.

We continue to defy gravity by tackling what may appear to be impossible today and creating the ideas and skills required to achieve a more egalitarian, sustainable, and affluent tomorrow.

Become Skilled in M&E Today!!

Short courses

If you are individual with little time on your hands because of a busy schedule but still want to learn, here at the Academy we have a list of short courses that can give you some knowledge within a few hours at an affordable charge and yet not disturb your busy schedule.

cpd certification

Having a Continous Professional Development Certificate is essential for both career and academic growth. We offer a Six (6) months programme in Monitoring and Evaluation which eventually leads to a CPD certification which can be presented to employers or academic institutions.

m&e full certification

The M&E Full Certification is a 1 year Programme that fully equips you to enter the workforce of Monitoring and Evaluation activities. The Certificate Awarded is worth 1,200 notional hours which is a standard adopted by most Academic Institutions around the world for the Award of a Certificate in any learning Programme.

“After completing the Six (6) months Continous Professional Development (CPD) programme in Monitoring and Evaluation, i felt fully equipped to be a M&E Specialist”

Dakarai ~Zimbabwe

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